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In the middle of the last century, a vision for the expansion of educational opportunity was realized when the sudan United Mission (SUM) established the Gindiri Schools in the then Northern Nigerian province of Plateau state. Boys' Secondary School (1950) and Girls' High School (1958), moulded by Christian beliefs and priciples, were among others that emarged out of this vision to meet the approaching needs of nationhood.

The aim of GOSA is to support the two schools in whatever way we can, to ensure a high standard of education, this will be able to affect the world positively... Read More

Church of Christ in Nigeria (COCIN)

The vision for establishing the schools was "to provide a conducive learning environment that promotes wholistic Christian education for Boys and Girls with the mission of providing education, encouraging hard work, instill discipline and the fear and knowledge of God in children that they be useful citizens and church members . Read More

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Mythically referred to as a cult because of its pervasive influence and strong bond of family solidarity, GOSA has provided a qualitative pool of manpower for nations vast fields of public and private endeavours. A social, non-political and non profit-making body, its members have been able to hold their own against declining national values, making a positive difference where they are found.....click to discover them
These are some of the founder Missionaries who were running the School activites.
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BSS and GHS are having Sport activites this month.
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